Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Please pray for our safety

We have known from the beginning that safety was an issue, and that robberies do occur in the area that we live in. However, last week seemed to be worse than it has been. Thankfully, we have not been directly affected. Last week, there was an American shot in the leg. He was in the park on the same street as our house. The next day, a female student was robbed near the language school. The school was broken into another night. We heard that a Costa Rican woman was robbed another day. Then Friday, we witnessed a robbery. A Costa Rican man's wallet was taken; then three men chased the robber down hitting him twice with a car, and then getting out, beating him up and demanding the wallet back. All of this happened just outside the language school as we stood waiting for a taxi. God sent some fellow students by in a vehicle just as everything began happening. We were with another family and we began pushing the children into the vehicle, and then the adults climbed in, too. We had 13 people in a vehicle that holds 9! We are thankful that God protected us that day, and ask for your continued prayers for our safety.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spiritual Emphasis Week

This week has been Spiritual Emphasis Week at the language school. The guest preacher has been Dr. Stan May who is a pastor and seminary professor in Memphis, TN. His wife has been with him, also - Iva May. During the morning chapel hour, Dr. May leads the men, and his wife leads the women. We also have a special service each evening in which he preaches. It has been a great week just to focus on the reason we are here, and remind ourselves of the bigger picture. It's easy to get bogged down - and sometimes discouraged - with learning Spanish. Another good part about this week is that we don't have tests or homework in our classes!