Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cawthon Update

The last month has been very busy. We went to Richmond, VA for 10 days and both Cavin and Charlotte were able to share.  Charlotte spoke at a women's conference and Cavin preached the following day at Anchor Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, VA.  We also went to our Stateside Conference just outside of Richmond during the first week of October.  This was a great time of praising and worshipping God and focusing on what God has ahead for us.  The kids also had a great time connecting with other TCK's (third culture kids).  A highlight for Christian was going to Williamsburg one day, while Preston's favorite part was going to a State Fair.

We continue to have visitors from Panama spending time with us.  It's been fun introducing them to the U.S. culture, and particularly the culture of the South.  They have tried boiled peanuts and cheese grits, they've learned why we like Chick-Fil-A so much, we've taken them to Walmart, and they have worshipped with us in English.

Please pray for Panama.  This week has been a difficult time there with a lot of protesting and discord in the country.  Several people have been killed in the city of Colon.  Schools have had to cancel classes; roads have been closed; stores have been looted; and there is a general feeling of unrest that some say they have not felt since the U.S. invasion when Noriega was overthrown.  Our friends are sad to hear of these things taking place in their country and to know what their friends and family are experiencing during these days.  And we are sad because of the people we know and love in Panama.

God is providing many opportunities to serve him.  Cavin is preaching almost every week, and Charlotte has several other upcoming times to speak for women's groups.  Cavin is also leading a men's group weekly on Thursday nights.  Last weekend he led a Church Planting Conference in Spanish.  We are thankful for many ways to serve the Lord while here in the States.