Saturday, August 30, 2008

Riding in the Car

Today, The Family went to Crestview, FL to take my cousin and her husband some of our furniture that we are getting rid of.  The ride there and back were some of the hardest riding that I have ever had.  It was not because of the SUV or the rough roads.  It was the kids driving me crazy.  It seemed that all three were taking turns fighting over the most stupid stuff.  Over the next couple of months we are going to be doing a lot of riding.  I hope I don't kill anyone!
We are really trying to get rid of everything.  We are not going to ship anything.  We are going to start over when we get there.  Charlotte is planning a couple of yard sales over the next couple of months.  I hope after the first one we have sold everything.  Even if I have to sleep on the floor for a couple of months it would be better than doing more yard sales.  

Friday, August 29, 2008

Trip to Costa Rica - October 27 - November 3

I have my plane tickets to go to Costa Rica October 27 - November 3.  Jeff Fields of Hillcrest Baptist Church and I are going to Costa Rica to do a vision mission trip.  I get to see what I will be doing in Costa Rica and Jeff will be seeking out God's leadership for Hillcrest to have some sort of partnership with the work there.  I can't wait for the trip!!!

Two Weeks and Counting

We have two weeks until we hear if the trustees of the IMB will approve us to serve as missionaries in Costa Rica.    We have not received medical clearance yet.  I hope we will hear something in the next couple of days.  Charlotte and I both had to do blood work and turn in the results.  We have not heard back from them.  We have to have medical clearance by Sept 5 (next friday!)  
Last weekend we were at my brother, Reed's wedding.  We had a blast.  The wedding was the best wedding that I have ever attended.  The reason that it was so good was not the ceremony, nor the union of a man and woman in love.  It was the food.  The food was the best food I have ever had at a wedding.  I get emotional just thinking about it.  Fried shrimp, fried chicken, roast, and chocolate brittle,  OH MY!!!
Reed and Jenny are in the Dominican Republic for their honeymoon.  The problem is they are in the middle of hurricane Gustav.  

Monday, August 11, 2008

Update on Heart

Today, I went to the Heart Doctor.  He looked at all of the results from me wearing a heart monitor for the last 2 weeks and he did another ekg and could not find anything wrong with my heart.  He has completely released me and said there is nothing wrong.  He said that I was in perfect health and even commented on my muscular body (Well he did say I was in perfect health.)  
My thought and question is this.  If the first ekg said that I had problems, but all the other test from that point on said I am fine, then was the first test wrong or did God do a miracle and heal me?  I must give God the glory!!!
Costa Rica is getting closer and closer.  

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

School Starts

Tomorrow will be the start of another school year.  The kids are soooooo excited about going (not!)  I am not looking forward to waking up the kids in the morning.  John Robert slept till 11:00 am this morning if you can call it that.  I know in the morning is going to be a hard and painful thing.  
Tonight we are kicking off the Wednesday night KIDS program.  The problem is we found out all the elementary schools are having open house at the same time we are starting the kids program. The school system made their decision a week after we had set our kick-off.  One of the many challenges of a church in today's society.    

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tommy Johnson for City Councilman

This morning I got the opportunity to help a good friend named Tommy Johnson with his re-election for City Councilman.  I went door to door handing out flyers telling about Tommy's qualifications.  I go door to door a lot but only for The Church on the Circle - or should I say for Jesus.  I was amazed how people were more open to talking to me about campaining than for sharing information about the church.  I believe this is an insight for our society and how there is a wall that comes up when you share anything that has to do with Jesus.   I enjoyed talking with the people but now I am downhearted after coming to this realization.  
Vote for Tommy Johnson for City Councilman District 2 - Enterprise - August 26