Saturday, August 30, 2008

Riding in the Car

Today, The Family went to Crestview, FL to take my cousin and her husband some of our furniture that we are getting rid of.  The ride there and back were some of the hardest riding that I have ever had.  It was not because of the SUV or the rough roads.  It was the kids driving me crazy.  It seemed that all three were taking turns fighting over the most stupid stuff.  Over the next couple of months we are going to be doing a lot of riding.  I hope I don't kill anyone!
We are really trying to get rid of everything.  We are not going to ship anything.  We are going to start over when we get there.  Charlotte is planning a couple of yard sales over the next couple of months.  I hope after the first one we have sold everything.  Even if I have to sleep on the floor for a couple of months it would be better than doing more yard sales.  

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Michael & Amanda Hodge said...

WHY do they fight over the dumbest things??