Wednesday, September 1, 2010

God is Opening Doors

Teaching Church Planters

PAAM is a mission sending agency in Panama. The director of Panama has asked the UP Team to teach specialized training for Church Planters in January 2011. This will be for PAAM Missionaries as anyone that feels called to be a church planter.

Also the UP Team is starting a class for people that have been called into church planting. This is opened for all Baptist church planters. It will start in the next couple of weeks two nights a week. We have about 5 people interested in taking the class.

Working with City Council in Panama City

Through a connection with the City Council here in Panama, The UP Team was asked to host a Block Party. All supplies were paid for by the City. 400 people attend and 300 people heard the Gospel - one on one. The City Councilman has asked us to do it all over the City. GOD IS GREAT!!!

Team from Oklahoma City

A team came from Capital City Baptist Association in Oklahoma City. They really worked hard with the UP Team through prayer walking, construction and witnessing. With their help the UP Team saw work completed that would have taken 4 months to do alone.

Please consider coming to Panama City and joining the UP Team in their work.