Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cawthons are going Costa Rica

This is the first blog of the Cawthons' journey to Costa Rica.  We are going to be serving the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.  We have gone through Candidate Conference in Richmond Virginia.  We have been asked to continue with the process of becoming Missionaries for the International Mission Board.  Our next major hurdle is September 9 when we  go before the Trustees of the IMB to be approved to go to the appointment service in Houston TX on November 11.    


Michael said...

Note to self - Get a hold of the Trustees before November 11 to tell them the truth about Cavin.

Kidding, I'm so excited for you guys. My prayers have been with you and will remain. I love you.

Pastor Rob said...

Hey!!!! Nice blog! Gerda and I sure enjoyed meeting you two in Richmond. Can you believe how long it is taking for Sept. 9th to get here?

God bless,
Rob and Gerda Purdy