Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Having a good week...

This past Sunday, I preached at the Hispanic Church of Olive Springs Baptist Church. It was a great day of worship. The Holy Spirit was working, as many responded to be witnesses wherever God leads. I preached through an interpreter this time, but assured them when I come back from Costa Rica I will preach in Spanish! I pray that God will make this a reality!

We are now in White House, TN visiting my parents. We have had a nice, relaxing time here. John Robert will be sharing with the youth tonight about his calling and charging them to be witnesses wherever they are.

We will return to Marietta tomorrow and will be involved with Olive Springs Community Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. This is a great outreach to the Hispanic community around the church.

This is a week to remember Christ's death, burial and RESURRECTION as we prepare to celebrate Easter this Sunday morning!!!

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