Friday, July 2, 2010

From the July Newsletter

God’s plan is amazing.

In the month of June, the Cawthons have seen God connect them with people that come from many different backgrounds. They have built relationships with doctors, retirees, teachers, computer specialists, pastors and professors. Through these relationships, God is connecting The Cawthons with people that will help them start new churches. Please pray that God will continue to put new people in the path of the Cawthons. Pray for their new small group Bible study which will begin July 11th.

The Up Team (Urban Panama)is in full function in Panama. The team is made up of three families, the Cawthons, the Louderbacks and the Tuckers. This team’s main purpose is to start new churches in Panama City. The Cawthons are connecting with different people groups to start churches, the Tuckers are working with University Students and the Louderbacks are seeking out people groups that are unreached. God has brought this team together to turn the City of Panama upside down. Please pray that God will continue to give opportunities for relationships for all the team members.

Panama Baptist Seminary is one of the areas that God has opened up for the Cawthons to work in Panama. Over the last several years, the Seminary has declined. Cavin will be teaching classes at the Seminary in the Fall. He has been meeting with the leadership of the Seminary to improve the very important work of educating men and women who will be serving in Baptist churches in Panama. Please be in prayer for the seminary in this time of transition and opportunity. Caivn covets your prayers for wisdom.

The Cawthon Family are doing great. John Robert has been in the USA visiting family and going to youth camp with Temple Baptist Church. John Robert has many changes in the next month. Pray for him as he goes through these changes.. Christian and Preston are having a good summer but can’t wait for school to start. Pray for them as they get ready for their new school. Charlotte and Cavin are loving the work in Panama. They can’t wait to see what God is going to do next

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The Master's Teacher said...

God's Blessings yo you down there in Panama! Keep up the great work for our Lord!