Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekly Update

It's been a good week.  We enjoyed our visit with my parents.  They left Thursday morning and made it home safely.  We are so glad that we were able to have this time with them and show them Panama!

2012 is off to a good start with our ministry.  As I write this, Cavin is in a training session with some of our church planters.  Tomorrow morning he will leave very early in the morning to travel outside of the city to what we might call "the boonies" to be involved in a worship service at a new church that one of our church  planters has started.  It will be a long day of traveling several hours outside of the city and then going on a road that can only be traveled in a 4 wheel drive.

Next week, the church planting courses will start back.  We are praying that God will put the people in these classes that He wants to use to impact Panama.

After a VERY long Christmas break, things are finally getting back into a routine.  John Robert started back to school on Tuesday.  This will be his last semester at Florida State - Panama.  Christian and Preston will start back to school on Monday.  I know it will be very hard to get them up so early because they (especially Christian) have been sleeping late every morning.

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