Sunday, February 5, 2012

Great Weekend with our Mission Family!

Friday morning, all of the IMB Missionaries here in Panama came together for a day of prayer.  We all shared what is going on in our ministries as well as our personal lives.  After each unit shared, the other missionaries came around them, laid on hands and prayed over them.  It was truly a very special time of unification as we all have the common goal of sharing Jesus with the people of Panama.

It also hit me that day that our time in Panama is short, and we have much to do before we leave this city.  In a few short months, we will be leaving this beautiful country and leaving behind people we love and have shared so much with.  Some of the people that we will be leaving are the other missionaries that we have served alongside.  Others are Panamanian nationals that we have worshipped with, worked with, prayed with or shared the gospel with.

We left the prayer meeting refreshed and re-energized, ready to face whatever lies ahead!

Saturday we spent another day with our Mission Family, but this day was a fun family day at Isla Mamay - an island located about 2 hours outside of the city.  It was a great day of relaxing and just enjoying the beauty all around us.  Below is a picture of Cavin and me.  You can see from the picture just how beautiful this place is.  It is one of our favorite places here in Panama.

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