Monday, May 28, 2012

Oral Bible Storying Conference

This past weekend we were honored to have Keith Stamps (IMB Missionary in Mexico) and Donny Barger (IMB Missionary in Peru) here to lead a conference about Oral Bible Storying.  We had around 100 present for the conference with many parts of Panama represented.  Several passages of scriptures were "storied" and ample time was given for the participants to practice.  Effort was given to detail making sure it stayed true to scripture.  For people who are oral learners - and often illiterate - this is their Bible stored in their memory and we want to hold true to the scriptures so that it is not passed on in error.  Even for people who can read, often hearing a story will get their attention and they will be able to retain it longer.  We are great at using the storying technique for children, but so often it is not used when teaching or evangelizing adults.  Please pray that the conference participants will use this technique as a method of reaching out to those they come in contact with.  I will also challenge you to use this way of sharing the scripture with those you come in contact with.  Everyone loves a great story, and what better place to find a story than in the Bible.  The Bible is packed full of very interesting stories, but they are much more than entertaining, they can reveal to people their need for a Savior.  Even Jesus used stories, as he shared many parables during His earthly ministry.