Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reunited and It Feels so Good!!!

John Robert arrived in Bogotá last night.  We are so thankful for a new friend who allowed him to fly on a buddy pass.  What a blessing!!  He will be here for a week while he is out on Spring Break.

It has been a wonderful day having the whole family together for the first time since the rest of us left the States.  We slept late, enjoyed a nice breakfast at home and then Charlotte cooked a great lunch.  After that, we headed out to show John Robert the city.  We have been wanting to go up on the mountain - Monserrate - to see the whole city, but waited because we thought this would be a good thing to do as a family.

Monserrate was breathtaking.  We went up the mountain on a cable car.  It was overwhelming to view this massive city.  As far as we could see there were buildings.  It is amazing to think of all the people who live in this city, and to know that God longs to have a relationship with each one of them.  We realize what a massive task we have here in Bogotá.  Please pray that we can impact the lostness here as God is drawing people to Himself everyday.

After going up on the mountain, it was getting late so we decided to try a hot wing restaurant called "Wingz."  It was a good ending to our adventure in the city.  The kids all enjoyed the buffalo wings which were served with "He Man Sauce"  (extra picante buffalo sauce).

Here are a few pics from the day!

We even saw a billboard advertising the show Duck Dynasty here in Colombia!  We really got a good laugh out of that!

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Shana said...

Duck Dynasty! Crazy...

So glad y'all are all together. Praying for each of you and thanking God for you :)