Monday, February 2, 2009

Sick Child at FPO

As you have probably figured out by some of our posts, we are living in very close quarters during these two months of FPO. As a result of this, we have seen quite of few sick people - mainly children. This morning, we had a sick child of our own. There are three families living in our building, and each family has at least one sick child, and they all have the same symptoms - sore throat, fever and chills. Christian is the one we have sick. She still had a fever tonight, and the rule is the child has to go 24 hours without fever before going to school. She missed today, and Charlotte stayed home with her. They will have to stay in tomorrow, also. Hopefully, the other children won't get what she's got.

The weather has been very mild the last couple of days with temps in the 60's. Now the weather has drastically changed, and there is a chance of snow tonight. Tomorrow will be a very cold day! Let's just say, I'm glad God called us to Costa Rica.

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