Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sickness has hit again.... But we are all well, now!

The fever virus hit Christian on Friday night and lasted until Sunday evening. Preston was struck with the stomach virus on Sunday afternoon. Thankfully, his illness was short lived. But to follow policy, they had to stay in for 24 hours to ensure that they were completely well. They both missed school on Monday. We were all back on track by Tuesday.

Today we have started having sessions on Storying, in which stories of the Bible are told orally. Sometimes this is out of necessity because a population is illiterate, but other times storying seems to work better at getting people's attention as they hear the story told. We will be having sessions on Storying through Friday. We have also been practicing Storying techniques in a smaller group on Tuesday evenings.

Tonight we will be having a dinner with our regional team at the home of our Regional Leader here in Richmond. This should be a good time of gathering together.

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