Thursday, June 4, 2009

Etc, Etc, Etc...

Last weekend, we decided to rent a car to explore San Jose. You see, we don't have a car while we are in language school and most of the time we walk or take a taxi. Busses are also available, but we haven't done that as much. Without having a vehicle, we have been limited in knowing what is around us, so we rented a car from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. I felt like a 16 year old who had just gotten his driver's license! Friday night, we took off for an area of town called Escazu. We soon discovered a Mexican restaurant called "Tacontento." I guess this would translate to the "Happy Taco"! Now this was no La Parilla (our favorite Mexican restaurant of all time), but we sure did enjoy it.! A lot of people think of Costa Rica as having Mexican food, but this is certainly not the case. Their signature food item is Gallo Pinto - which is rice and black beans - and they pretty much eat it three meals a day.

During our exploration last weekend, we also discovered a store just like Home Depot or Lowe's called Epa. It was fun to go in and feel like we were in one of these hardware stores from the states. We even ran into some fellow students while we we shopping in EPA.

When Sunday afternoon came, we sure hated to see the car go. We had a great time getting out and seeing the city of San Jose.

Today I made a language blunder in my grammar class. A woman in my class was called on and she did a good job. I attempted to give her a compliment, so I said, "Muy grande!" Instead of saying, "very good!," I had actually said, "very big!" - not quite what a woman would consider to be a compliment! Oh well, I have no room for anything except improvement!

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Jeff Fields said...

As long as the woman was not your wife! That would've been hard to overcome! Keep up the arduous task of studying and keep me in prayer for the next few weeks while I'm here in New Orleans doing the same!