Monday, June 22, 2009

A Turning Point...

This past week has been a turning point for us. We finally feel like we are starting to get to know some of our neighbors and local people. Last week Charlotte and I met two Costa Rican women who live in our neighborhood. They invited us to come to a Bible Study on Friday evening. As it turns out, one of the women was a missionary for two years in the Middle East. At the Bible Study were four Costa Rican women, and Charlotte and me. Thankfully, one of the women spoke very good English and was able to translate for us. It was a very genuine time. They meet every Friday evening, and told us we are welcome to invite others. We are praying for witnessing opportunities and feel that this would be a good place to invite people that we meet.

This past week was also somewhat of a turning point for us at church. We felt that we understood a little more this week than we have before. It may have been because the pastor used a power point which really helped to pick out words and see the scripture references in print. We are also starting to get to know some of the people at church.

Saturday night we actually had a pretty good conversation - mostly in Spanish - with our taxi driver. He had a small Bible in the taxi and we asked if he was a Christian. He affirmed that he was and told us how his life had been changed by Christ!!

Please pray that we will meet more people and have more opportunities to share the TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cawthons! I took your post card off the refridge today and took a few minutes to really pray for you! Then I went on your blog to see how you have been! I should have done it in reverse! Anyway, I am so excited to see how the Lord is opening doors for you! The Bible Study with the women sounds awesome! Our sermon with Pastor Mike Stephens this week was on patience. I learned alot as that is something I always need more of. There are many times I want the answers now, but I am reminded of Jer. 29:11! I will be praying for you specificly now that I know what you are doing!
We love you guys!