Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our First Visitor in Costa Rica

Well, we've been quite busy lately. We have now had our first guest since arriving in Costa Rica. Sarah Williams - from Marietta, GA- came to visit us for 12 days! Her father, Glenn Williams and I served together at Olive Springs Baptist Church for several years, and Sarah used to babysit our younger children. We really enjoyed having her during this time. She arrived on July 23rd, and left this morning! We packed a lot into the time she was here, and really strived to give her a feel of what our life is really like here in Costa Rica. She went to some of our classes, helped out in the preschool area (Rayitos) which is part of Sojourn Academy where our children go to school - and have been attending their summer camp program this summer. Sarah also was able to join with a mission team from Ohio and go with them on two days to a women's rehabilitation center for unwed mothers who have been on drugs. We showed her around the city of San Jose which included hitting some of our favorite restaurants, and shopping areas, going to the zoo, and going downtown to the Central Market and the Gold Museum. She also went with Charlotte to a Bible Study which is in Spanish and went to church services with us which were in Spanish. She had an opportunity to meet many of the missionaries who are living here in San Jose - some who are in language school and others who are living long term in Costa Rica ministering in the ways that God has called them. She quickly realized that like us - all of the other missionaries are just plain people that God has called to serve him in this capacity. We also worked in some fun while she was here. We went on a canopy tour and whitewater rafting at a place called Pozo Azul. We had a blast doing that! I posted the video a couple of days ago - so take a look at it, if you haven't already!

Sarah has been studying Spanish for the last several years in high school and college. Sarah was able to utilize her Spanish skills and gain confidence in her ability. It will be exciting to see how God uses her talents and abilities for His glory!

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