Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Rough Week, with a Glimpse of Hope (posted by Charlotte)

Well, we knew when we came here, there would be things we would miss and not get to be with people we love during happy and sad times.... Well, this was one of those sad times when I wanted to be with my family, but I was many miles away in Costa Rica. This past Wednesday, my uncle passed away in South Carolina. I longed to be with my family during this time. His daughter and I have been very close since childhood, and I really wanted to be with her and the rest of the family. Please pray for the family of Lester Martin. I have many fond memories of him taking my cousin and me to the beach on so many occasions! He will definitely be missed by many!

On a lighter note.... I understood more of the sermons today than I have during the last three months! I have been so excited and thanking God for my break through! I, by no means, got everything, but I actually heard whole sentences, and even got some of the sermon points, unlike most weeks when I only get a word here and there and can't put any of it together to make sense! Please continue to pray that our language acquisition will continue to increase!

This week is our last week of the first trimester. It's a great feeling to know we are almost 1/3 of the way finished with language school! We will have a few days off, and are actually going to work in a trip to the beach for a few days! We are very excited about seeing a little more of Costa Rica and having some time of rest and relaxation!

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