Friday, October 7, 2011

This Week's Happenings

I've learned a little about being a single mom this week.  Cavin's been in Peru at a meeting for Urban Strategists.  I think he's had a good trip and has been able to hear and share what God is doing in different areas.  They've also talked a lot about strategies to reach people in urban areas.  I'm sure he will come back to Panama energized!  We've been able to "Face Time"  (similar to Skype) everyday, but it will be nice to have him back home.

He will return tomorrow evening - just in time to attend a birthday celebration of a young lady in our Selah group.  She is a professional singer here in Panama and is actually on a local show here called "Cantando por un Sueño"  ("Singing for a Dream").  The sole purpose of her birthday celebration is to share her faith with her friends in the media.  We are excited to be a part of this!  Please pray that those who hear her message will want what she has in her life!

The team from FBC Thomasville, Georgia worked hard this week.  The area of Don Bosco was touched with the gospel and many have shown interest in being a part of the new church that is being planted there. The outreach Monday night for our Selah group was also a great success.  About 50 people came out for this worship event.  We are praying that some of these will begin attending the Selah small group that meets each Monday night.

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