Friday, November 18, 2011

Ethnecity Conference - Houston, TX

Cavin left Wednesday morning to go to a conference in Houston and will return on Sunday evening.  The focus of the conference is "reaching the unreached in the urban center." For more information on this conference, go to  I have talked to him several times since he's been gone.  He is really enjoying ever aspect of the meeting and I can tell he is getting very excited and the ideas are really churning in his head.  Urban ministry is truly his passion.  I love to see him excited.  I only wish I could be there with him to see him truly in his element and talking about this subject that is so dear to his heart.

On another note, we are excited to be having two sets of visitors over the Christmas holidays.  Reed and Jenni (Cavin's brother and wife) and their little girl Jessi will be arriving December 1 and staying until December 8.  My parents are coming after Christmas - January 5 through 12th.  We were feeling a little sad, not being able to visit family during the holidays, so we are thrilled to have these upcoming visits from these special people!

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