Friday, November 4, 2011

Working with Mission Team from Oklahoma

This week the UP Team has hosted our last mission team of 2011.  They are a great group from Central Baptist Association in Oklahoma.  They are made up of 16 people from 5 churches.  They have come to Panama with a desire to see people come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, and we have seen this happen!!! Praise the Lord! They have prayer walked, mapped, hosted children's events, evangelized, and have truly served God with their whole hearts.  Some are going through personal struggles, yet they truly felt God wanted them in Panama this week and they are here!  Tomorrow we will work with them again in two different areas of the City.  Sunday will be an exciting day as the Oklahoma Team will accompany the UP Team to witness 2 baptisms in a river.  These two are from the church plant that has been started in an area of the City called Santa Fe.  There are others who need to be baptized, yet struggle with fully understanding what baptism truly is.  They have come from a Catholic background and believe they have already been baptized because they were baptized as infants.  It is our desire that these individuals come to understand that believer's baptism is truly a step of obedience after making Jesus the Lord of our lives.

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