Friday, January 23, 2009

Update from Mechanicsville, Virginia

We are now in Mechanicsville, Virginia. We arrived yesterday and are staying with my aunt and uncle - Fonceil and David Blake. We are having a great time spending time with them. We have also been able to hang out with my cousins Nicky and Jenny and Jenny's little boy Jack. Tomorrow some more family will be coming to visit who live in various parts of Virginia.

We will be moving into the ILC on Monday and will begin FPO on Wednesday. The IMB is known for all of their acronyms! ILC = International Learning Center; FPO = Field Personnel Orientation; IMB = International Mission Board... And their are many more where these came from!

We have had a little bit of discouragement this week. We have learned that we will be a little later than expected leaving for Costa Rica. We had been told during Appointment Week in Houston that we would be leaving on April 9th; but due to a lack of housing availability at that time, we will now be leaving on April 27th. It's just another lesson in patience, and we are learning to be very flexible. God is in control!

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