Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This and That!

This has been a week of going to the YMCA to work out and swim with the kids, spending time with Charlotte's family, and getting Flu shots. While it has been relaxing for the most part, we are anxious to get to Richmond and begin FPO (Field Personnel Orientation).

Brewton has a YMCA and we have been blessed by being able to have a guest membership during our time here. The kids have enjoyed swimming, and I have been needing to get back into an exercise routine.

Monday morning, Charlotte's uncle from Andalusia, AL called and wanted to come visit. We all met at the Pizza Hut and had a very enjoyable lunch. Roy and Sybil Weaver came from Andalusia, and Charlotte's other uncle - Lawrence Weaver who lives in Brewton came. It was a great time to see family that we don't get to see very often.

We had been putting off getting our Flu shots, but were told we all needed to have one before arriving in Richmond. The last thing they want there is a Flu epedimic! The nurse at the health department did a great job! We could hardly even feel the needle! I hope it's that easy in Richmond! While in Richmond, we will all have to get shots almost every Friday. Preston has really been dreading this part of going to Costa Rica.

We will be leaving Brewton on Friday morning and will spend the weekend in Atlanta. I will be preaching at Paper Mill Road Baptist Church in Marietta. We are looking forward to spending time with Glenn and Laura Williams and their family. Glenn is the pastor of the church and we served together at Olive Springs Baptist Church in Marietta.

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