Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We moved into our "triad" on Monday. We live in a three bedroom apartment in a building with three other families, and we all share a common family area. We have 10 kids in our building ranging from 19 months to 14 years! Christian and Preston are enjoying having playmates all the time!

Our first day Preston had to go to the doctor. He has a double ear infection. He is much better and has stopped complaining about his ears and started complaining about having to take the medication

We started our meetings today, and the kids began school. The youth class consists of 7 students, which is the smallest of all the classes. All the children had a good day as they are getting used to their new schedules, new friends, and new teachers. The overall makeup of the population here is 78 couples, 70 singles, and 104 children for a total of 330 people. We know quite a few people already, but are meeting many new people.

We don't have very reliable internet access from our apartment, so we will post as we have opportunity. We can not take pictures because of secreity protection but we will try to keep everyone update.


fbcalan said...

It was great to see you guys this past week. I just want to thank you for your service and sacrifice. Know that we will put you on our prayer list. Also, when you have your prayer cards made, be sure and send us some. First Baptist Church, 101 N. Bolivar Ave., Cleveland, MS 38732
And again...thank you John Robert for helping us out!! Alan Berry

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you guys are getting settled in Richmond! You are in my thoughts and prayers! I have been praying for the kids since hearing that they were not feeling well. May God richly and abundantly bless you! James Martin