Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting settled!

This week we have been getting settled in our new apartment, getting used to our new surroundings, and meeting new people.  We have found a new place for most of our things, but still have a few more things to unpack.  Continue to pray that God will use us here in San Francisco - in the heart of Panama City.

The second 6 month course of the Church Planting Institute ended last night, and a new one will be started in another area of the city the first week of October.  The 3 week intensive course continues to be taught each Sunday with this week being the last week of intensive training, but we will continue to meet once a month to continue the training.  In total, there are 42 students in some phase of the training, whether they are doing the coursework or being coached in church planting. The coaching lasts for one year after the coursework is completed.  The students are coached once a month by one of the couples on the UP Team.   Pray that the whole city will be impacted by these church planters who are eager to see God work in miraculous ways.

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