Friday, August 12, 2011

Greetings from Panama!

It's Friday, but that doesn't mean rest this weekend.  We are gearing up for a busy weekend of ministry for the UP Team.  Cavin will be leading a Pastor's Conference all day Saturday focused on expository preaching.   Pray for him as he finished his preparation and then as he teaches.  Sunday,  a new Church Planting training will begin.  The UP Team will be teaching a 3 week intensive course which will be 3 Sundays for 5 hours each day.  It is exciting to see a new group of eager students ready to learn and start churches!

The kids are winding up the first full week of school, and I guarded say, "so far, so good!"  Christian has been enjoying being back with her group of friends - and oh, of course she is excited about the learning aspect, as well!  Preston would prefer not having to wake up so early and he doesn't like having to write all of his assignments in cursive this year, but he's excited that he will have an opportunity to be involved in track and field for the next few weeks.  He practices today for the first time and has a meet on August 27th.

John Robert is back in the routine of working with UP Team.  He has had time to do this since he still has a few weeks until his classes start back.

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