Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Friday!

This has been a busy - but good - week!  We are in the process of moving into the city.  We currently live on the edge of the city, but have been praying since our arrival in Panama about the area of the city called  San Francisco.  This week the contract was signed for us us to move into a high rise apartment building.  We will be living on the 22nd floor overlooking San Francisco and Panama City.  We are excited to be in the heart of this area that has very little evangelistic presence.  Pray that God will use us to impact lives for Him!  Pray that we will meet people with whom we can share the good news of Jesus!  Pray also for innovative ways in which we can witness and build relationships.  This is an area of the city where many people have financial means, but they don't have Jesus - so in essence, they have nothing.

Monday is MOVING DAY.  Pray that all will go well as we get settled in our new home.

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