Monday, December 1, 2008

25 Days and Counting... (posted by Charlotte)

25 days and counting, and I'm not talking about Christmas. In 25 days (December 26), we will be officially employed with the International Mission Board. It has been a long process, and our lives have changed drastically since this time last year, and soon our lives will be changing again, as we go to Richmond for FPO (Field Personnel Orientation) which will begin on January 26th. There we will be living with many other families on somewhat of a compound. We will be sharing our lives for 8 weeks with others who have felt God's call to missions. We will bond with these individuals and families over this time, and then after 8 weeks we will all go to the corner of the world God has called us to, and we will literally have friends all over the world! We have already bonded with many of these people as we have met at Candidate Conference in Richmond which we attended for a week this past July, and we met others during our Appointment Week in Houston just a few weeks ago.

During this process, we have met so many wonderful people. Just yesterday, we shared with the congregation of Robinsonville Baptist Church in Atmore, AL. These people welcomed us warmly and assured us they will be praying for us. It is great to meet so many people who believe in what we are doing, and to know they truly are praying for us. And in doing so, they are going with us on the mission field.

I met a neat lady today at John Robert's school. Her name is Angie Tate, and she is the Office Manager at White House Heritage High School where John Robert has been attending these last few weeks while we have been living in White House, TN. I shared with her that we would only be here a short time, as we were preparing to go on the mission field to Costa Rica. She then shared with me how her small church is mission minded, gives to Lottie Moon, and does many mission projects. Again, God is reminding me that He places people just where He wants them, and He uses them right where they are. We just have to be willing!

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Michael & Amanda Hodge said...

Great update! The long wait is quickly coming to a close for all of us. It's the moment we've all been praying would come for so long. It's exciting and scary all at the same time! We can't wait to jump, but we have no clue where we're landing!