Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Great Weekend!

This weekend, we were once again, "On the Road Again." This time we were in the Atlanta area. We had the opportunity to speak at Legacy Baptist Church Sunday morning in Dallas, GA. This church is five years old and meets at Chatahoochee Tech. The pastor is Rev. Alton Wilson, who is truly a man of God. This church welcomed us with open arms and allowed us to share with them. After church we had a wonderful time of fellowship with Bro. Alton and his wife Mrs. Jean, and Brian and Rebecaa Mize and their twin boys who are members of Legacy and good friends of ours.

That evening we had the pleasure of being at Olive Springs Baptist Church in Marietta, GA. This is the church that I pastored for four and a half years. It is the church that God used to confirm my call to missions in many ways. We had a wonderful time seeing friends who mean so much to our family. It was a time where I could share from my heart and let them see what God is doing in our lives.

I have a special prayer request that I want everyone to be praying about. While at Olive Springs, I saw a good friend of mind - Daniel Reyes. Daniel's life has truly been transformed. He has been through some hard years in his life and accepted Christ in prison. I met Daniel when his family began attending Olive Springs. Daniel began growing in his walk with the Lord. At one time Daniel was working for a man who had some illegal business activities. Daniel knew as a Christian he could not continue to work for this man. He quit without having another job because he knew that was the right thing to do. God did provide for him to begin working for a Christian man. Daniel works with the youth at Olive Springs and is now a deacon. He is on fire for the Lord. He shared with me that over Christmas his family will be traveling to Texas. They will be with family members who for the most part are not Christians. He has a greater motivation for going than just to spend time with his family over Christmas. He and his wife Adela are going to Texas to share the true meaning of Christmas with their family. They are going to tell their family about the changes God has made in their lives and they are going to tell them how they too can experience the joy of knowing Jesus Christ. I told him that I will be praying for him everyday they are gone. They will be leaving this Friday (12/19) and will be returning on Friday (12/26). Please pray for safety as they travel and pray that the Holy Spirit is already working in the lives of his family members to prepare them to be receptive to the message Daniel and Adela will share.

Let's all be like Daniel in being ready and willing to share the true message of Christ this Christmas.

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