Monday, December 29, 2008

"Run, Forrest, Run!"

"Run, Forrest, Run!"  These were the words I said as I performed the wedding ceremony of Claudette (Hogan) and Forrest Sims over eight years ago.  I'm glad he didn't take my advice!  Claudette was in my youth group as I began my ministry over 15 years ago.  It's great to see her living out her Christian life as a Christian wife and mother of two beautiful children.  

They have just moved to Clarksville, TN and were traveling from Enterprise to Clarksville today.  We met them at a Chick Fil-A as they came through Nashville.  Christian and Preston had a great time playing on the playground with their daughter Riley (age 6)  and their son John Thomas (age 3).  It was great to catch up with them a little and reminisce about the days at First Baptist Level Plains.

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