Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crazy Couple of Days

On Monday afternoon the family and I did training for our work and life in Costa Rica.  I made all of us take a long walk.  I told the kids to get off the Xbox 360 and put on tennis shoes.  I told them we were going to walk to Smooochies for ice cream.  Smooochies is about 2.5 miles away from our home.  So all 5 of us started out on the adventure.  Everyone did really good.  John Robert was not sure if he would look geeky walking with his family.  It is kind of funny -  we ran into a couple of his friends.  After we saw the first one, I asked him if he was embarrassed.  He said, "a little bit".  But he did not complain or try to hide.  As we were walking I got to see people I knew and It gave me opportunity to share about our calling and God working in our lives.  
Tuesday morning I went out to my car and found that someone had broken in and stolen my GPS system.  I don't think that they stole anything else.  We found out that four other cars around us were broken in.  I believe that God allowed this to happen to prepare us for what might be in store for us in Costa Rica.  
Plans are starting to come together for my trip to Costa Rica in October.   Jeff Fields and I are very excited about going on this trip.   

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