Saturday, September 20, 2008

Major Prayer Need and Prayer Answered

Yesterday, I got a call form the doctor's office at the International Mission Board.  They are not satisfied with my information that I have turned in about my low iron in my blood.  They have asked that I do a series of test to find out what the problem is.  The big issue is that we have to have all the test done by October 10th.  I have to go to two different specialist to do the test.  If we do not get cleared by October 10th, then we will not be appointed in Houston.  Please pray for this situation to be resolved and that there is nothing wrong with me so that we can make it to the appointment service in Houston on November 11th.  
Preston has asked Jesus to forgive him of his sins and has made Jesus his Lord and Savior. Preston is not just my son, but now he is also my brother in Christ.  Praise God!  I will get to baptize Preston tomorrow morning.  If that is not cool enough, I will be baptizing Preston in the same baptistry that I was baptized in.  God is so cool!  

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