Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Test Day

Today is the day that I have my colonoscopy and enscope.  I have been fasting since Sunday night, and yes I am hungry. On the good side, I have lost about 8 pounds. I wish there had been a different way.  I will be having the procedure around lunch time.   Pray that the doctor will not find anything wrong.  
This past weekend was a great time.  Friday night the October mission team to Costa Rica met at Gerry Davis' home.  We had a great time of learning about the prayer needs of Costa Rica.  The prayer time was led by our wives.  We are so blessed to have wives that are so real with their love for Christ.  Even though they are not going with us on this trip, they are preparing the way for us through their dependance on prayer.  
John Robert's team played Troy last night in football, and Enterprise won 6-0.  John Robert started at tight end - yes, tight end!  He did a great job and made a key block for Enterprise to score the touchdown.

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