Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Are you a missionary?" (Posted by Charlotte)

Yesterday, I took Christian and Preston to the dentist. They needed to have a cleaning since we will not have dental insurance for a year after going on the field. When I entered the room where Christian had had her teeth cleaned, the hygienist asked me, "Are you a missionary?" The question took me somewhat by surprise, because I still don't feel like a missionary. Inside my head there was a conversation going on - inward voice #1 said, "No, you're going on the field next year; inward voice #2 said, "Yes you are - you were appointed last week." To my surprise, I heard myself say, "Yes, I am." I then had an opportunity to share a little of what we are doing and how God has brought us to this point. It's still a little overwhelming, and I certainly feel so inadequate. Plus, it still seems a long way away since we do not go to FPO (Field Personnel Orientation) until January.

Thankfully, the kids did not have any cavities. The dentist was a Christian and had been to Nicaragua on a mission trip. The dentist even told me he could help me get fluoride tablets if I need them. (In Costa Rica the water doesn't have fluoride in it). Everyone in the office was very nice, and the ones I met were all Christians.

Today, I had to take John Robert to the doctor. He has been sick for the past two days. Again, it was a great experience. The practice is called "Crossroads Medical Group" and their symbol is a cross. It has been great to experience Christians out in the world being a witness for Him - just like we are all called to do!

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