Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mission Trip in Review

God has given me a vision for the Tico people of Costa Rica. I believe that God has called the Cawthon family to go and make disciples in Costa Rica. There are many great churches in Costa Rica, but I believe as the IMB works with Tico pastors and existing churches in starting new churches then a great revival will take place in Costa Rica.

We have much to do before we are on the field seeing new churches started. First we are to be appointed by the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. The appointment service will be November 11, 2008 in Houston, TX at First Baptist Church Houston. We will be leaving for Houston this Friday. We will be there just less than a week. Many missionaries told me to cherish the appointment service because it will be something that we will look back on as a reminder of our call. Be sure that I will update the blog on the events during appointment week.

The next big step is to go to Field Personnel Orientation in Richmond, VA. We will arrive in Richmond at the end of January. The orientation will last about 3 months. The point of the orientation is to help us put behind the dependence on US culture. Missionaries have told me that we will learn things at orientation that we will use every day on the mission field.

After orientation will be going to Costa Rica more than likely the first of April. We will be going to language school for 1 year. During this time will be in deep study of the Spanish language. I am concerned more about going to school for a year than anything else. Please start praying that we will do well in school and learn Spanish as quickly as God would have us.

April 2010 will be the time frame of us starting to work with the Tico people and doing the job that God has called us to do. Don’t get me wrong - the work before this point is of God and important, but it is a long period of time before we get things going in country.

Seeing Costa Rica has given me a great understanding of the country, team members and work that is ahead of us. The country is beautiful and the people are so friendly. The culture is different than the US but you can see a lot of the US creeping into Costa Rica. Within two blocks of the house that we will be living in are Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and McDonalds. At the same time there are a great number of people without hope of the life that Jesus gives. Please pray, as we get ready for this great time of adjustment.

The team that we will be working with is a great group of God called people. They are from what I have seen a close group that are willing to help and encourage each other to see the work of the kingdom of God done. I look forward to working with each of them.

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