Monday, November 10, 2008

Having a great time in Houston!

These last few days have been packed full. They are definitely keeping us busy while we are here in Houston.

Sunday we went to Houston's First Baptist Church. The service was very uplifting. Travis Cottrell was a special guest in the service. He sang and led the music. He sings with Beth Moore a lot at her conferences. In fact, we all had lunch with Beth Moore after the service. She is a member at First Baptist. Cavin and I were sitting just two tables away from Beth and Travis. She led a special prayer for all the new missionaries after the meal.

While at First Baptist, all of the appointees were asked to speak to various Sunday School classes. Cavin and I spoke in a single mom's class. They were very sweet and seemed to enjoy having us in their class! They asked if they could pray for us, and of course we said, "Yes!" We definitely need everyone's prayers.

This week we have been very busy going to meetings to prepare us for going on the mission field. We have also had a chance to get to know so many wonderful people. Our families and close friends arrived today. They drove many hours to get here, and that really means a lot to us.

The big night for us is tomorrow night for the Appointment Service. There are 105 people who will be appointed as missionaries to serve all over the world. This is the second largest group to be appointed at one time in the history of the International Mission Board. That's very exciting for all of us.

We are getting ready to ride busses to First Baptist for a rehearsal of tomorrow night's service.

Please pray for us tomorrow. It's a very BIG day for us!!

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J.J. said...

How cool is that, sitting so close to Beth Moore and Travis Cottrell :)! It was so funny, I was reading her blog about the IMB Appointment and then I went to yours and read what you said! Neat! We are very excited for yall and praying for you too! Enjoy and have fun!!!!!