Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We are officially "missionaries"!

It is 12:03 am and I am still dressed in my black suit which I wore to the appointment service at Houston's First Baptist. Tonight was one of those times when we are just on a spiritual high of what God is doing in our lives. It will be one of those times we will need to look back on when we get discouraged or are less than excited. I know those days will come.

Anyway, each couple and single gave a "testibyte" to share a little about what God did in our lives to get us to this point. Each couple could say 60 words, and each single could say 40 words. It was a pretty big task to say what we wanted to say with such a few words. But it was amazing how each couple/single captured in such a few carefully chosen words what God wanted them to share with the congregation.

This is what we said:

Charlotte: "God called an awkward 10-year-old-girl to GO TELL."

Cavin: "God called a crazy teenage boy from South Alabama to GO TELL."

Charlotte: God brought that couple together. While serving at a multi-ethnic church in Marietta, Georgia, God confirmed that calling to GO TELL."

Cavin: "We're that couple. We're Cavin and Charlotte. We will GO TELL the story of Jesus to the people of Costa Rica."

That's our story in a very small nutshell, but God has done so much more in our lives to bring us to this point. The Lottie Moon slogan for this year is "Go Tell." That's why we incorporated that into our testibyte.

The service was very powerful. There was a huge choir that sang, flags from many nations were brought in, everyone shared their testibytes, and Dr. Rankin (President of the International Mission Board) preached.

I am very proud of our children. They are excited and ready to serve God on the mission field!!

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