Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More thoughts about last night

We greatly appreciate all the people who were able to come to the service. We had our children, all of our parents, my brother Blake, Bud and Nancy Zebahazy who come from Lilburn, Georgia, Don and Amy Asdel and their children who live in the Houston area, Fonceil and David Blake - Cavin's aunt and uncle (Fonceil works for the IMB in Richmond), Greg and Lenny Glenn - Lenny is a cousin of mine who lives in the Houston area, Kenny and Lesley Vines and their new baby - they are currently in the appointment process.

Our parents and children left early this morning for a long day of riding in the car. Cavin's parents have our children and will be driving to Nashville which will be about 14 or 15 hours. My parents and brother are driving to Brewton, AL and have about a 9 hour drive. We are still here for another day. Cavin and I, along with some other missionaries, will be going to a Missions Celebration tonight at Sagemont Baptist Church here in Houston We will fly our early in the morning and will arrive in Nashville in time to go to lunch at Christian's school for her Thanksgiving lunch.

As we were practicing our testibyte yesterday, it was a little humorous to me. My first line was "God called an awkward 10 year old girl to GO TELL." Cavin's first line was "God called a crazy, teenage boy to GO TELL." As the kids heard us, Christian and John Robert said, "Are you going to say anything about Preston?" You see, they thought we were describing them. I said, "We're not talking about y'all!" I thought it was funny at first because they think everything is about them. But as I thought about it a little more, I realized that they truly feel called to what we are doing. The descriptions DO describe them. God spoke to me when I was a 10 year old girl - and now we are taking our own 10-year-old girl to the mission field. God spoke to Cavin as a teenager - and now we are taking our own teenage boy to the mission field.

They may be fussing and fighting in the car right now with their grandparents... But we've got GREAT kids!! I stand amazed!!

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