Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting Ready

Today I am spending the day getting ready to preach the homecoming service at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Enterprise, AL. I am very excited about getting to share with people I know and love. I left Mount Pleasant in 2002, but I am still close to many of the members. The greatest thing about getting to go back to Mount Pleasant is getting to see the people, which will be the last time before we leave to go to Costa Rica.
Steve Bruce the pastor of the Mount Pleasant has been a friend for a very long time. Steve is just getting back from a mission trip to Moldova. God is really using Steve in a great way. He goes twice a year on mission trips to Moldova. They worked with pastors, in an orphanage and doing evangelistic work. I believe that God is using Steve to share an international perspective to the church.
Sunday afternoon I will meet up with Gerry Davis and Jeff Fields for our trip to Costa Rica. I am really looking forward to this trip. I believe that God will use it to help me to begin to have a more real vision for the work we will be doing in Costa Rica. Our flight is Monday Morning out of Atlanta. Be in prayer. I will have my computer so that I can blog while I am gone. I will also be posting pictures.
Charlotte and I have a neat opportunity tonight. We will be doing a “shop” at the Sheraton in Nashville. It is a five star hotel in which we have to order room service, use all the amenities and eat in their restaurant. This job of Charlotte’s is a rough one, but someone has to do it. If you do not understand what a “shop” is I will attempt to explain it. We are contracted to go to restaurants, stores, and hotels to critique the service and other attributes of the business. We are reimbursed the money for the shop and paid a small fee for the report. It is fun and we get to do some things that we would not normally be able to do. It does not pay a lot, but it is helping make ends meet.

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