Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Great Day in Costa Rica

Today, we went and met a pastor and his family. His name is Oscar Brenes. Their whole family is awesome. Oscar and his family are church planters outside of San Jose. He is starting a church in a Catholic village. They are being persecuted by their neighbors. People line up on the street when the girls go to school and curse them as they walk. People throw rocks at the family when they are in the town. God is doing great and mighty things through their work. They have started three churches in the area. Each church runs about 35 people. On Sunday Oscar and the family were returning home after the last service and were going by the Catholic church when their car began to smoke. At the same time, the Catholic church was having a party that turned out to be an orgy with Homosexual and Heterosexual people having sex in the middle of the street. When they saw that the car had Oscar and his family in it, the people tried to pour alcohol on the car and set it on fire. They got the car started and drove off before they could set it on fire.
Oscar was very upset when he told us the story. We all gathered around him and the family and prayed for them. It was a very powerful time of lifting another Christian up to the Lord. I felt very inadequate praying and counseling a person that is going through something that I can not even imagine.

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