Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Last night we went out to eat with some friends that I have known all my life. We had a great time at McLin's in Daleville, AL. The food was so good. The friends that we met were: Roy and Judy Byrd, Scott and Sue Byrd, and their daughter Anna Beth, Mrs Mildred Hall, Andy and Karen Maxwell and their daughter Lydia. All of these people have had such a major part in my life. It was fun and sad at the same time as we had fellowship. It was fun seeing each other, and sad because we won't get to see each other for a long time. One thing I do know, they will be with us in Costa Rica because of their prayers for us.

Today Charlotte and I went and saw Dr. Andy Maxwell at his office for an eye exam. Charlotte is getting old. She needs reading glasses. She is 40! Andy took such great care of us. If you live in south Alabama and need your eyes checked - go and see Dr. Andy Maxwell at Denney Vision in Dothan, AL.

We also ran into Roger Stone at LifeWay bookstore. Roger is the pastor at First Baptist Church Pinckard, AL. We had a nice time talking with him about what God is doing in our lives. He invited us to speak at his church on December 7th in the evening service.

Enterprise has had another tornado. It went through the middle of town hitting the civic center, town hall and Wal Mart. No one was hurt, but their is a lot of damage. The damage is nothing like the last tornado. The schools released the kids at 2:00. Four of the school were without power. The tornado went about 3 blocks behind John Robert's school. They were without power, but had no damage. You can imaging that there are many people who are shaken up over it.

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